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Our Committee

The club is a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), and governed according to a constitution. It is run by a committee that is elected by the membership each year at an Annual General Meeting in October.

Any paid-up member can stand for election to the committee but, as a branch of the BSAC, the positions of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Diving Officer are only open to diving members. Training, Boat, and Equipment Officers are also elected members of the committee, and are responsible to the Diving Officer.

Each committee member has a particular area of responsibility within the club. The committee meets roughly once a month, at a committee member's house. If you would like to help out or get more involved, come and talk to a committee member and find out what it's all about - we can always do with more hands to help run things!


Slawomir Pudlocki

Attempts to oversees the general operation of the club and keeps us all in order at club and committee meetings. However a strong and capable committee, makes this an easy job.

Diving Officer

Jonathan Lobo

The Diving Officer (DO) is responsible for all diving-related activity, overseeing safety and training, and for supporting business such as equipment and the boat.

The DO is the person who sanctions diving, and is obliged to check all diving qualifications (including those of guests) as well as the annual medical self-declarations.

Secretary & Membership Secretary

Les Warren

Took over from Mike Dalton at the Annual General Meeting in October 2007.

Teaches English at the New English School.

Responsible for all membership related issues. Also organises the Tuesday socials.

Treasurer & Webite Content Editor

Arek Wierzbicki

Responsible for managing the flow of money into the club and for  allocating and recording how that money are spend to run the club.

Please send photographs or text to Arek who will gratefully upload them as a part of dive reports, news items  and the like.