The Club's Dive Boat

A brand new boat is being purchased by the club and will be with us for the new season 2018

You could be one of the first to try out our custom built dive boat.

The club is now onto its third boat since the liberation of Kuwait in 1992. We bought our current boat in 2005 from Waleed Power Boats in Kuwait who carried out extensive modifications to turn it into a dive boat. It is a great improvement on its predecessor in terms of speed and comfort. It looks rather smart too, we think!

The boat on its trailer in Khiran Resort

A cathedral-hulled Kuwaiti-built fibreglass hard boat with twin Yamaha 200 outboard engines, it easily achieves 30 knots even with 12 divers and kit; so journey times have been reduced significantly compared to our previous boat. It can accommodate up to 12 divers with all their kit, tanks for 2 dives, and has plenty of flat space for kitting up in comfort.

With a full tank we carry 650 litres of fuel so all the dive sites are well within reach. Entry and exit is via the door and ladder on the port side. Equipment includes GPS and echo sounder. We always carry a first aid kit, a Marinox Oxygen Kit and a large backup cylinder containing 100 cubic feet of oxygen. So we have plenty of oxygen to cope with an incident happening at one of the more remote dive sites.

Kitting up

Heading home

We go diving most Fridays and sometimes on Saturdays too if there is sufficient demand. In the past we have organised a trip on a traditional Arabian dhow and take a large party of guests and divers out to one of the islands for sunbathing, swimming, a barbeque on the beach and, of course, some diving for the divers. Leaping off the side of a dhow in full kit is an experience not to be missed!!

The boat is located in Khiran Marina which is about 50 minutes drive south of Kuwait City. This is an ideal location from which to set off for diving because all of Kuwait's dive sites are within 50 minutes by boat from here given good conditions. The furthest site is Mudayarah Reef at 26 nautical miles. Also there is an excellent slipway that can be used for launching or recovery at any state of the tide.

Please note: Only the club boat is berthed at Khiran Marina, you will not find a representative of the club at the marina. As a club we do not have a shop or office. All diving is managed through the weekly 'socials' that take place on Tuesday nights.