Diving Charges

Boat trip (diving) (see note 1) KD 7 or 1 ticket
Boat trip (snorkeling) KD 4
Tank (see note 2) KD 2 each
Air fill (see note 3) KD 1 each
Buoyancy Compensator Jacket KD 2 per day
Regulator KD 2 per day
Weights and weightbelts Free
Book of Dive Tickets KD 30 for 5 (5 tickets per book)
Boat trip (diving) KD 10
Boat trip (snorkeling) KD 7
Filled Tanks KD 3 each
Buoyancy Compensator Jacket KD 4 per day
Regulator KD 4 per day
Weights and weightbelts Free


1. Club members can purchase books of 5 dive trip tickets for KD 30. These tickets can be used instead of paying cash on the day and represent a saving of KD 1 per trip. Tickets are available from the Diving Officer at socials, and, during normal club diving trips, from the Dive Manager of the day.

2. Members who have put their own cylinder in the cylinder pool do not need to pay for cylinder hire. Other members may avoid paying for cylinder hire by joining 'The Virtual Tank Pool'. There is a one-time payment of KD 30 to join.

3. Whether one has put a real cylinder in the cylinder pool, joined the virtual tank pool, or rented a club club cylinder, the air fill itself is extra. The charge is KD 1 per cylinder fill.