Guest Divers

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Qualified divers from any agency are welcome to dive with us, space permitting, on any dive trip. This may be if your visit to Kuwait is short, or just to check us out before deciding whether to join the club.

After being introduced to diving with the club we are confident you will see the benefits of becoming a full member. The club offers its divers more than stepping off the back of the boat, with opportunities to really get involved in a day's diving. Learn to drive the boat, get involved with planning the day, or join a dive holiday outside of Kuwait.

Please review the 'Diving Charges' page for the cost of a day's diving for both guests and members.

Wish to dive with us?

The easiest way to start is to contact the Expeditions Officer for more information. Please mention your diving qualifications, when you obtained them, the number of dives you have done, the date of your last dive, and the maximum depth to which you have dived in the last six months. A full name, mobile telephone number, and home telephone number would also be extremely helpful. Of course, if you can make it to a Tuesday Social, you can meet us and find out more face to face. Drop a line to the Membership Secretary for details. The Expeditions Officer and the Membership Secretary will generally reply to your enquiry within a few days. For unknown reasons completely beyond our control, such a reply could be redirected to your spam folder. If you have not received a reply from us within a reasonable period then we would recommend checking spam folders. Should there subsequently be no trace of any reply at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us again.

To dive with us as a Guest, you will need first to make a medical declaration and sign a disclaimer (see the links in the first line above: print, sign, and either hand in on the day or scan and email to us). If you are concerned about any health issues related to the medical declaration, then we recommend consulting Dr. Moudacer Mounejjed of the Oxylife Health Center at the Global Med Clinic. Should a referee be consulted, then the forms that have to be completed may be downloaded from the links in the second line above.

Of course you should have your qualification card(s) in hand for the benefit of the Dive Manager of the day so that you can be allowed to dive (and sight of your log book would also be more than helpful). If you are not resident in Kuwait, it should speak for itself that you should have insurance for any accidents, diving or otherwise, that might (and hopefully will not) befall you. The Dive Manager will be looking for you to provide evidence of being appropriately insured for the diving you will do with us.

We have tanks, and a limited number of regulators and BCDs for hire, plus weightbelts to use (for free!). When you book, please remember to state what you need. But please note that we are not a commercial operation and do not have suits, fins, masks and so on for hire. If you need to buy anything like that, we can advise. We can sometimes help by providing transport, but you remain responsible for your food and drink (plenty of water!), sunblock, etc. Charges are shown here. Generally, we can provide a Guest login to the website so that you can book your own dives online.

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