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Being a Member of The Club

Kuwait Mantas Diving Club is a self-help, not-for-profit diving club and relies on the voluntary efforts of its members to run it and make it a success.

A great day's diving

We have our own boat which is berthed at Khiran Marina, a "pool" of nearly 50 cylinders, and a stock of Buoyancy Compensator jackets and regulators for rent. We like to go diving as often and as cheaply as we can. The more everybody puts into the club, the more everybody gets out of it!

Please Note: Only our boat is found at Khiran Resort. We do not have an office or a shop at the marina. Do not arrange a speculative visit as security will not allow you access. All initial communication should be made through the website.

Your role as a member

The social aspect of the club is very important as it is at our Tuesday Socials that the divers can get to know one another and swap information about dives, diving sites, diving holidays, and life in Kuwait. It is expected that every member hosts a Tuesday Social at least once a year. Some host many more than that.

Club members can contribute to the club in many other ways, such as organising fund raising activities; looking after the boat; maintaining the cylinders and diving equipment; helping out with training or fund-raising; managing membership records; or looking after our finances, to name but a few.

Some members cannot offer a regular commitment, but there are many opportunities to help out on a one-off basis, such as helping to paint the boat, or designing tickets for a quiz night.

The club is more than just a group of divers - it forms a small community here in Kuwait.

Club Meetings

Club meetings, which we refer to as "Socials", are held on a Tuesday evening, usually at a member's home. The aim is to have a good time, and get to know one another. To that end, the emphasis is on socialising with only a small part of the evening actually devoted to a "Club Meeting" as such.

Anybody is welcome to come along - the more the merrier! The host should provide plentiful food and drink for whoever may turn up. Some people cook, some people buy in from one of the many excellent and cheap takeaway restaurants in Kuwait, and some do a combination of the two. Everyone who attends contributes KWD 2 (about GBP 5.5) to help the host cover the cost of the food and drink.

A part of the evening is given over to a "Club Meeting", during which the next weekend's diving is arranged, club announcements and reminders are made, short reports are given on the previous week's diving, training, and so on, and, any matters of immediate interest or concern are discussed. Then the party continues!

Other Social Activities

Throughout the year we arrange other activities and events. These range from quiz nights to beach clean-ups and BBQs. As always, the emphasis is on community and enjoyment. Check out the News and Events pages on this site for more information.

Not a diver?

No problem - you can join as non-diving Associate Member, and get the benefit of our social events and contact with a friendly international group. Drop a line to us via this link.