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Khiran Marina

Kindly note:

Kuwait Mantas Diving Club has only a boat in the marina The club does not have a shop, office, or storage facilities there. Moreover, the security services of Khiran Resort prevent entrance without clearance beforehand. When a club diving trip is planned, clearance for those who have booked is arranged by the club.

Just before you reach the end of road 278, having passed the three water towers on your right, on your right-hand side you will see a large blue board with the text "Khiran Resort" in white and "A-B-C-D&E" in red. Turn right immediately beyond this board. This takes you to the gates into the marina. Once through the security check you continue straight on until where the tarmac ends in a T-junction. At this junction turn right and keep right until you reach a lift-up barrier. Passing under the barrier, turn right. Drive past the boat parking area and the boat washing area. After unloading you are requested to return your car to the main marina car park near security. By preference the boat will be located in one of the berths closest to you. If not, proceed to the next set of berths.

Satellite view of the Marina

The guards at the main (first) gate respond to smiles and either the name Mr Neil Moroney as boat owner or Kuwait Mantas Boat Bay 214. Your name however should form part of the guest list, which they will check against. Please note, you can not turn up speculatively. There may be a guard at the second gate, and he may require you park in the space adjacent. Request entry to unload, then return the car (without fail). Meeting point is near the "P"; the slip is under the balloon, while the boat is parked under the yacht symbol. The Al Boom shop is under the basket - you need to drive around the enclosed boatyard.

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