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Membership Fees

Diving Membership: KWD 25 per year
Associate Membership: KWD 10 per year

Diving Membership for new joiners

Includes BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) membership

Annual diving membership including subscription to the BSAC and Kuwait Mantas Diving Club costs KWD 60 in total. The membership year starts in October.

A reduced fee applies to those who join in the course of a membership year. See the table to the left. A person joining in August or September will pay KWD 60. This will cover membership of both Kuwait Mantas Diving Club and the BSAC until 1 October of the following year.

Club Benefits - The BSAC is the largest diving club in the world, and being a member has a number of benefits. As a BSAC member you will receive a copy of the club magazine every month and be covered by third party liability insurance of up to GBP 10 million. Since training is 'at cost', it is far cheaper than that offered by other agencies, and what is more, it is fully-transferable between BSAC branches even if a course is only partially completed, meaning you can start a course here and complete it with another BSAC branch, even if you move to another country. BSAC members receive 10% discount from the BSAC online shop, where you can buy diving books, clothing, and lots of other diving related goodies. You also have access to expert advice from the BSAC HQ team and can participate in the online diving forums. Members receive discounted offers on holidays from the BSAC travel partners. You will be joining a network of over 1100 branches and 300 dive centres all over the world, an instant network of diving buddies.

If you are already a member of BSAC

The prices quoted above are for first time members. If you are already a member of BSAC then you will only need to pay the local membership fee.

1. Membership of Kuwait Mantas runs from 1 October to 30 September and currently costs KWD 25 for a diving member. A person joining Kuwait Mantas for the very first time as a diving member on or after 1 April is eligible for a reduced fee of KWD 15 up to 30 September. A person joining Kuwait Mantas for the very first time as a diving member on or after 1 August pays KWD 25 for membership up to 30 September of the year thereafter. This is exclusive of membership of the British Sub-AQua Club (BSAC) itself.

2. Persons renewing membership will pay the full yearly fee irrespective of the date on which the membership is renewed. Persons renewing membership whose membership has lapsed more than one year will not be required to pay for intervening years. Persons who have been members, do not renew their membership, and dive with Kuwait Mantas will be charged as guests.

3. Membership of the BSAC can be paid by direct debit if one has a UK bank account. Otherwise it can be paid online using a credit card. As a final option, our treasurer can arrange payment. There are reduced BSAC membership rates for those with more advanced diving and instructor grades.

4. Abated BSAC membership is a reduced fee charged by BSAC for a second family member living at the same address as a fully paid-up member of BSAC. The abated member will not receive their own copy of the magazine but has all the other advantages of BSAC membership.

Associate members

For our non divers

You don't have to be a diver to join our club.

For non-diving members. KWD 10 gets you on the mailing list, discounted attendance at the weekly Social and reduced member rates for those just wanting a day on the boat swimming or snorkeling (space permitting).