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Joining the Club

Anybody with a recognised diving qualification (BSAC or otherwise), or who wants to learn to dive, can join Kuwait Mantas Diving Club.

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The ride home

Kuwait Mantas Diving Club is a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC). Membership of the club including BSAC membership costs KWD 60 per year. This gets you diving.

If you have all your own equipment, a day's diving (usually 2 dives) can be as little as KWD 12 using pre-paid boat-trip tickets - KWD 60 for 5. The exact fees depend on individual circumstances, set out in the Members' Handbook.

Once a part of the club, you can really get involved with experiencing more than just diving. Learn to drive the boat, improve your skills and awareness or join us on a dive holiday outside of Kuwait

To join please refer to the options below and use the 'contact us' page from the side menu.

Costs of a days diving can be found in the diving section of the side menu.

Guest divers

If you wish to come diving with us without making an initial commitment to becoming a member, you can dive as at guest member.

After being introduced to diving with the club we are confident you will see the benefits of becoming a full member. The club offers our divers more than stepping off the back of the boat with opportunities to really get involved with a days diving.

For Guest diving, please contact the Expeditions Officer. Mails are generally answered within a few days. For unknown reasons completely beyond Kuwait Mantas Diving Club control, a reply could be redirected to your spam folder. If you have not received a reply from us within a reasonable period then we would recommend checking spam folders. Should there subsequently be no trace of any reply at all, please do not hesitate to write again.

I would like to learn to dive

We organize a BSAC Ocean Diver training course if enough people are interested once every year in the Spring, but not 'on demand' for individuals as the commercial operations can. If you are interested you should contact the Training Officer. The cost of the course is KWD 175 (memberships included).

If you are already qualified and want to take the next step, we have Sports Diver and Dive Leader courses. We also do more specialized courses from time to time, such as Boat Handling, Oxygen Administration, and Diving with Nitrox (Enriched Air), again if there is enough interest.

Joining with a BSAC diving qualification

If you already have a BSAC diving qualification and are currently a paid-up member of the BSAC, then you would only need to pay the local Kuwait Mantas Diving Club subscription (of KWD 25) upon joining.

If you have a BSAC diving qualification but your BSAC membership has lapsed, you will need to renew the latter.

Joining with a non-BSAC diving qualification

Any diver who has an internationally-recognized diving qualification (PADI, NAUI, SDI etc.) can join Kuwait Mantas Diving Club as a Diving Member for a total of KWD 60 this includes BSAC membership (organized either directly or through our treasurer and local membership, for further details see below). It is not required that you "cross over" your diving qualification to a BSAC qualification.

However, we can only offer further training to those who have completed a short cross-over course. All such training is 'at cost' (i.e. for course materials) and thus very favourable, since this is not a commercial operation.

The equivalencies and progression are outlined in a BSAC document which can be obtained by clicking on the tab below. The Training Officer and the Diving Officer will be happy to discuss such matters further.

Qualification Equivalence:     

Crossing over to the BSAC

'Crossing over' takes place in one or two theory sessions dependent upon the current diving grade. One will explain the BSAC and how to use the BSAC diving decompression tables. You may also need to attend one or two Nitrox Workshops, depending on diver grade before you can start training on your next qualification. Talk to our Diving Officer about what your options are.

After 'Crossing over', you will pay slightly more for further training than those who are upgrading an existing BSAC qualification. For this you will get a qualification record book and diving manual according to the course. The cost varies slightly depending on your current qualification.


The BSAC is the largest diving club in the world, and being a member has a number of benefits. As a BSAC member you will receive a copy of the club magazine every month and be covered by third party liability insurance of up to GBP 10 million.

Since training is 'at cost', it is far cheaper than that offered by other agencies, and what is more, it is fully-transferable between BSAC branches even if a course is only partially completed, meaning you can start a course here and complete it with another BSAC branch, even if you move to another country.

BSAC members receive 10% discount from the BSAC online shop, where you can buy diving books, clothing and lots of other diving related goodies. You also have access to expert advice from the BSAC HQ team and can participate in the online diving forums. Members also receive discounted offers on holidays from the BSAC travel partners.

You will be joining a network of over 1100 branches and 300 dive centres all over the world. An instant network of diving buddies.

To join online

Go to the internet page https://www,bsac.com/home/. Click on "Membership" at the top of the page. In the right-hand column with the heading "Join directly" and the red colour scheme on the page that then appears, click on "Join now". In the menu that next appears, fill the box "Full Diving Member" and click on "Next". Take it from there....

Where the opportunity arises, please indicate that you wish to be registered as a member of Branch 1045, i.e. Kuwait Mantas Diving Club.

To join through Kuwait Mantas Diving Club

If you are unable to join online, then the branch treasurer can arrange your membership at a cost of KWD 35 per year.

You should complete a form which can be downloaded by clicking on the tab below.

BSAC Registration Form: