Other Courses

The extra courses we can offer depend entirely on the qualifications and experience of the instructors we have in the club at any given time. Essentially a qualified instructor can run a BSAC "Skill Development Course" if they have been a student on that course themselves, although there are some courses that have additional requirements.

Getting ready to go

There is a wide range of "Skills Development Courses" offered by the BSAC. Visit the BSAC website at www.bsac.com to see the full range.

Given sufficient demand any BSAC course can be organised by bringing in an instructor from another Gulf country when we cannot run it ourselves.

At the moment the club is able to offer Oxygen Administration, Compressor Operator, Ocean Diver Nitrox, Sports Diver Nitrox, Boat Handler, Underwater Photography, Practical Rescue Management, Equipment Care, Dive Planning and Management, Wreck Appreciation, Chartwork and Position Fixing, and drysuit training

Oxygen Administration Course

Minimum Entry Level: BSAC Ocean Diver

Fee: At cost (around KD 15)

If you only ever do one additional diving course this should be it. We all hope and pray we will never be involved in a diving incident but even with the best-laid plans, accidents do happen. With the Oxygen Administration Course under your dive belt, you could help save someone's life.

Some cases of Decompression Illness (DCI) have occurred even though the diver has kept within the limits set by the dive tables or their dive computer (often indicating an underlying medical problem), while too fast an ascent could lead to barotrauma (e.g. burst lung). In each case the signs and symptoms are very similar and the first-aid treatment is identical - administer oxygen!

The essential skills covered in this one day course also form a part of the Dive Leader qualification. Students who successfully complete this course can have 6 Dive Leader theory sessions signed-off in their qualification record books.