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Aims of The Club

The overall purpose of the club is to provide well-organized and safe diving and training at the lowest possible cost to its members.

Kuwait sea life

Firstly, Kuwait Mantas Diving Club is a not-for-profit club, not a commercial operation. All officers, instructors, and helpers contribute their time and effort as volunteers. The club has no paid staff. Of course, maintaining the major equipment necessary for diving, especially a boat, costs a considerable amount of money. All surpluses are used to pay for the maintenance and repair of equipment and purchase new.

Secondly, instead of relying solely on income from diving and training, as would a commercial operation, we organize several fund-raising events throughout the year. Recent events include a dinner dance, a quiz night, and a horse-race night. Such events can raise a useful amount of money to supplement the income from diving. In this way, we can keep the charges for diving and training low - only charging for the necessary materials, more or less, at cost.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, everything from filling cylinders to keeping the accounts, from carrying out repairs and maintenance of the boat, to providing dive training, is undertaken by club members on a voluntary basis. In Kuwait Mantas Diving Club, everyone plays their part in reducing the costs, and making the club a success.

Since we lack premises of our own, and have no regular venue, part of that success is due to the system of Social events (usually Tuesdays). On joining, every member, whether diving or non-diving associate, accepts the obligation to host a social once in the year. Whether this is at home, or at another location, is immaterial; whether home cooking, or bought-in, likewise (although the first is always very much appreciated). This is not onerous, and guidance can always be given, but it does ensure staying in touch and maintains the spirit of a true club.