Training Overview

As a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Kuwait Mantas offers dive training under the internationally-recognized BSAC system. All training, both theory and practical sessions, is carried out by club members who are qualified BSAC instructors.

It should be noted, as a strength of the club, that instructors are unpaid volunteers, meaning that we are not under any commercial constraint and so can take our time to get it right - which means safe.

Dive briefing

We see training as the most important activity in the club. It is the "life blood" of the club. The more we can improve a divers' skills and knowledge the safer diver they become and the more useful part they can play if ever we have to conduct a rescue. Unlike most other organisations, where rescue skills are only covered at the more advanced levels, in the BSAC these skills form an important part of training right from the very first Ocean Diver course.

A major advantage of being a member of Kuwait Mantas is that all training beyond the entry level Ocean Diver course is "at cost". As mentioned, our instructors give their time voluntarily and see this as giving back to the club what they gained from it themselves - whether in this country or elsewhere in the world. The only costs for further training would be for any essential materials and the regular cost of dive trips for any open-water training needed. Some courses we run require instructors to be bought in from other countries in the Gulf. In this case the expenses involved are shared between those on the course. In some cases such courses are subsidized from club funds.

We also hope that some of our divers will themselves become instructors by embarking on the BSAC instructor training programme.