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Latest News

Kuwait Mantas would like to wish all our members a very Happy New Year

Not long now

Progress is far more obvious now the planning is complete

The seating and tank positions

The bow and cabin

One of the reasons diving with us can be a great day out

Training on Mudayra reef. Rarely visited by other dive operators.

The reef marker

The reef layout and location

Kuwait Mantas get a shout out from Jazeera

July - Aug 2017

Jazeera in flight magazine

Work in progress.....

This is the latest look of the new boat - still a drawing but moving on quickly

For more detailed plans look at the 'new boat' section on the news pages

Unfortunately there are no photos to share, the location has a ban on phones and cameras for security reasons.

The Thirsty Camel

Curry, Quiz and a Raffle

As the club splashes out on a new boat we needed to secure some funds to help cover the cost. Thankfully we were invited to the Thirsty Camel to promote Scuba diving and to hold a curry and quiz night.

The aim was to raise some money to help put a new dive boat into build. The evening was a resounding success and with help from some amazing raffle prizes we raised just over 3,000 KD.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all those involved prior to and on the night. It was a testament to why the club is what it is today. The generosity of our sponsors was overwhelming with nearly 200 raffle prices to give away. When choosing your next holiday destination spare a thought for the dive centers who helped us achieve such an amazing result this weekend.

A huge thank you to our sponsors on the night.

Your generosity helped us get new and experienced divers in the water.

Give the boat a spring clean!

Clearing out the drainage pipes

First dive of the year

First dive of the year

After a run of windy weekends that had kept us out the water the wind let up and gave us an opportunity.

Although cold, wet and thundering we still had a fun day of sports diver training and a soberingly cold pleasure dive

The noise you can hear in the video is rain and laughter

A rather windy winter has hopefully blown away a few cobwebs and this weekend we had a glimpse of spring.

The water may be a touch cold still but for those itching to go diving we are still taking bookings at the weekend

Weather permitting we will be diving again. 👍👍👍

Latest statistics

Number of dives logged by members and guests of the club

2011 to 2012 - Total 416

2012 to 2013 - Total 628 - Member's median number of dives 7

2013 to 2014 - Total 969 - Member's median number of dives 19

2014 to 2015 - Total 715 - Member's median number of dives 8.5

2015 to 2016 - Total 513 - Member's median number of dives 10

2016 to 2017 - Total 367 - Member's median number of dives 14

Dive briefing

Time for a few more MM's?

Next weekend when the boat goes out it will be November. The air temperature has now dropped down into the 30's and the sea temperature is now a comfortable 29 degrees.

The coming of winter however will not stop us from diving. The dive sites are quieter and the change in season brings a different underwater experience

It seems at the moment its cuttlefish season and being able to experience their underwater display is worth the trip out on the boat.

Getting ready to jump

Summer in Kuwait

The water has been a not so refreshing 34 degrees but its been worth it this summer. Great turtle sightings at all 3 of our main diving locations and divers have experienced some amazing dives with the hungry and friendly cow tail rays.

Training has been happening for ocean diver, sports diver and dive leader so Brain and Tim have been busy each week.

Now as we move into mid august we are starting see some familiar faces return from their summer breaks and it's time to welcome any newcomers who might be tempted by a dive or two in the waters of Kuwait

A couple of really nice pics taken by Alysha Pinto-Lobo during a trip to Qaruh when the vis was good

Flat water, great visibility and exciting sea life

It's jelly fish season and all the fish are out enjoying the feast. Laith the only resident male hawksbill turtle paid a visit and the family of Devil Rays entertained us.

Mohamed & Brian

Wonderful first dive

Thank You

Our latest trainee Mohamed had a few words to say about his first day diving from the boat with Kuwait Mantas.

Dear divers gang 😊😊😊😊 Thank you so much for those dives yesterday. It was a wonderful day with unforgettable experience. Diving for the first time with a highly experienced diver and a wonderful dive manager was indeed a memorable experience. Also being in the company of such fantastic people and passionate divers added to the experience and gave me courage to complete my first dive. I hope to see you all again on next dives. Thank you all so much. Regards Mohamed

Of course we are delighted Mohamed had such a wonderful experience and this is why the club exists, to allow people to dive in a safe and enjoyable environment. A big thanks again to Brian and Tim for volunteering your time with training and everybody involved with getting the boat out on the water each day..

Dive Leader Training

A big thank you to Brian and Tim who devoted their time taking a number of members through the one day Oxygen Administration course.

11 people attended the session and went away with some important skills that will keep the Mantas diving in a safer environment.

The course covered Basic life support Use of the pocket mask Oxygen and diving incidents and how they benefit from oxygen Casualty assessment The use of oxygen administration equipment.

Interview with a Manta

Olena Schuessler / Alona Sch��ler - Lover of all things 'pink'

Current dive qualification? PADI Dive Master, SSI Master Diver, BSAC Dive Leader Where did you learn to dive? During Christmas Holliday at Sharm el Sheikh in 2008. My � at that time -future husband (experienced diver) got the idea to dive together and I did an Open Water and Advance Open Water by PADI. Within 5 days I was busy following the courses and only one day we had the opportunity to dive together.

No of dives? about 400 Why Kuwait Mantas? I like the people in the club, they don�t stop diving activities around the year, mostly great divers and good friends. Apart of that the club is very good organized.

What do you like most about diving in Kuwait? The most important thing for me � it�s warm (some times even too warm) The second � diving in Kuwait for me like is like diving at home, where you know every fish. Some people complain about visibility or current, I love all variety of conditions under water in Kuwait, to get completely different situation at the dive sites we usually go to. Favourite dive site in Kuwait? And Why? Miradim. Because of wonderful soft coral garden and turtles living there.

Have you been on a club diving holiday? And what's your most memorable moment? Yes, only once in Sharm el Sheikh, and it�s was really great! I will definitely join another trip in the future. Under water the biggest adventure was, when - after descend - we suddenly recognized that we were swimming among a huge swarm of groupers. I have never seen so many big fish around and close to me. Another most memorable moment was our common dinner with the manager of Oonas Dive center and our dive guide Emmi Which is your favourite dive location globally and which would you most like to visit? The world best is for certain Bali. Indonesia, and not only for diving. In Indonesia I would like to visit the Raja Ampat and Sulawesi region.

What are your diving ambitions and aspirations? There are so many ideas� I would like to participate again an underwater coral recovery project named �Bali Biorock Project�, like we did on Bali; to take part on the see cleaning weekend in our friendly dive club in Krk Insel (Croatia) dive with the Penguins, to met a Nautilus in the wild life. Although would be great to join some of river-diving in Germany or Switzerland, I heard from my friends. It�s great unusual experience.

Will you be diving in Kuwait during the winter and if so why??? Yes, I was diving in winter many times and going to dive this year as well. It is still warmer then diving in the German lake in summer, which make a lot of fun as well;) Diving is fun and that all the year!!!! What's your favourite piece of diving accessory? Oh, my beautiful pink fashion fins of course!

Olena taking part in an 'Interview with a Manta'

Those favourite pink fins..

Taking the helm..

Wet Wet Wet

The summer seemed to end with October. Big winds, rain and lightening storms like no other.

Not a big month for diving this year!

However and weather permitting, this will not stop us from getting our kit on this winter..

AGM 2015

On the 20th October we held the 2014/15 AGM. A review of the previous year and a look forward to the new committee members and their posts.

The full report is available to read in the 'club members' section of the website and is worth a look.

In brief, the club carried out 715 dives a total of 37,910 minutes underwater in Kuwait. Visited various other countries on club trips and carried out a good number of training and cross over courses.

Available to view are the Treasurer's report detailing where money has been spent and made. A membership report showing how many members are now part of the club and a boat report which keeps us in the water.

Also an important 'Thank you' section that helps remind us the efforts some go to, to keep this club running successfully for another year.

Interview With a Manta

James Thomas - Senior Operations Manager

Dive qualification PADI Open Water - hope to complete Sports Diver this year...inshallah! Where did you learn to dive? Maldives in 2011, before coming to Kuwait.

No of dives? Approximately 140. How long have you been a member? Two and a half years

Why Kuwait mantas? I went to the Mantas Embassy bash in 2012 which "wet" my appetite for diving again. I realised that Neil Moroney, a work colleague, was a member and found out more through Neil. Despite his gravest warnings I became a member in March 2013. What do you like most about diving in Kuwait? Quiet, usually peaceful and also the comradery Favourite dive site in Kuwait? Qaruh

Have you been on a club diving holiday? And what's your most memorable moment? Yes, I have been to both Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The Maldives is probably the most memorable, because it was the first time I had experienced currents of that strength. Also, the group that went on that trip were fantastic..it was my first with the club and I was made feel welcome. There were some very close encounters with "massive" black tip reef Sharks also.

Which is your favourite dive location globally and which would you most like to visit? I have been to the Maldives twice now and I would have to say that is favourite part of the world thus far, though I liked Sharm El Sheikh as well. I think I would like to go to Thailand. I have heard many good things about certain areas and so it is definitely on my "Bucket List"

What's your favourite piece of diving accessory? mmmm....I like them all. I think my torch. It has come in very useful on occasions when my buddies have not had one. I would like to use my DSMB and reel more...I have only used it once, when Andrew, a former club member, provided some coaching. I hate my snorkel!! What are your diving ambitions and aspirations? I definitely want to achieve Sports Diver so that I can experience diving at greater depths!!

James taking part in an 'interview with a manta'

Carcass found to the north of Qaru Island

Was this poor whale the victim of the recent earthquake in Iraq?

Catch of the day

Lost & Found

A Scuba Pro mask was found at the weekend. If anybody remembers leaving a mask at around 9 metres deep at Maradim Island then please step forward.

Also recently Milla found an 8 pack of tinned tuna below Qaru pier. May have been down there some time but still within its use by date.

Oliver contemplates life after being Chairman.

A very hot month

Killer Whales, Sharks and Bio Luminescent Plankton

The north winds stopped and Kuwait was hit with a month of humidity. Of course this didn't stop us from going diving or the bigger sea life making an appearance. Killer and Bryde's whales were both spotted in Kuwait and a guitar shark and a large sting ray seen on an afternoon dive off the Qaru pier. On another session a drift dive from the north marker started in 4m and ended in a potential 'deepest dive' award of 28.5m

For something different a night dive took place at Donkey reef, where the reef came to life with the little critters you don't see in the day time. We all enjoyed switching our torches off and waving our arms to light up the bio luminescent plankton. The resident turtle also kept a keen eye on us above and below the water.

Although there was only a smaller 'summer' congregation of members to say goodbye to Oliver we know a large number of people will be sad to see him leave Kuwait and the post of Chairman. For the past three years Oliver has carried out his duties with nothing more than the clubs interests at heart. Having learnt to dive with the Mantas and training to instructor level it wasn't long until he added Chairman to his achievements. On behalf of Kuwait Manta's BSAC club 1045 thank you for your contribution on keeping the club above and below the water.

New Theory for Beached Whale

Biosonar Failure

A new theory for last years blue whale death has been attributed to a large sea quake that took place in the Arabian Sea causing the whale to become lost and confused.

Biosonar failure in whales can be caused by dramatic changes in pressure from sources such as undersea earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, military sonar, undersea blasting and meteorites impacting the oceans surface.

The 20m blue whale found beached in Kuwait last year was believed to be impacted by a sea quake that took place in Carlsburg ridge 3 km below the surface and 975km SE of Salalah Oman. Although 2000km upstream from Kuwait the vertical thrust and corresponding tidal currents of the time would direct the confused animal at 150km a day to land in Kuwait on the day it was found on a Failaka beach last February. That week two other whales were also found beached on the Kuwait coastline.

Kuwait is full of surprises

With the recent and exciting sightings of Bryde's whales in Kuwait we thought the summer wouldn't get much better.

Until fisherman filmed a rather excitable orca whale in the calm waters of Kuwait this week!

Thank you Kuwait Manta's

We would just say thank -you very much for the fantastic leaving gift, We thoroughly enjoy Miss Saigon yesterday. The musical was very well produced, the set was amazing, and the seats were just perfect. We still have the songs playing through my head. You couldn�t have planned it better, down to the man in front of us having a Manta Ray embroidered on the back his of shirt.

Please come and visit us, if you are passing through Milton Keynes or London. Have fun blowing bubbles

Sharon and Mike

What's been happening this month?

June brought Kuwait many things, warmer waters, a new boat canopy, baby turtles and Ramadan

It also saw a number of members leave for summer holidays, some to return and others starting out else where. On one of the socials Alastair Hannay was presented with an award in recognition of everything he has done for the dive club during his time in Kuwait.

We are now lucky to include Nancy, manager of the Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project as a member of the dive club. Nancy has kindly put together some words on this years Turtle project happening out on Qaruh. Please have a read below to see what wonderful things are happening on one our most popular dive sites in Kuwait.

Read the very interesting account below on what the Turtles and Nancy have been doing this summer.

by Nancy Papathanasopoulou, Manager,Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project

Kuwait hosts two species of nesting turtles on its offshore islands Qaru and UmmAl-Maradim. Green turtles and hawksbill turtles nest on Qaru, hawksbills on Umm Al-Maradim and their offspring emerge from the nests to reach northern Arabian Gulf waters and ensure the circle of life of a very important animal continues as uninterruptedly as possible. The Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project(KTCP), researching their biological processes and assessing their populations and their habitat, is there for another season, hoping to contribute to their conservation and raise awareness to their value for nature. "Kuwait is blessed with these two precious nesting endangered turtle species and we must try to protect them at all costs, thus contributing further to our country's healthy ecosystems and biodiversity", said Sheikha Intisar Al-Salem All-Sabah, co-sponsor of KTCP and Chairwoman of the Al Nowair initiative.

Why is it important to protect sea turtles? Why are nations worldwide creating strict texts of conventions and legislations in a common effort beyond borders to ensure their survival? The answers are not difficult. Many decades of scientific research and constant monitoring sea turtle populations worldwide have proven that: Sea turtles are necessary for the survival of coral reefs worldwide. Without coral reefs, the degradation of all sorts of life in the oceans would be imminent and all forms of life in the ocean would become threatened or extinct. Fisheries worldwide would be gravely affected. Sea turtles are responsible for the migrations of several hundred species of organisms, which attach themselves on the animal and �hitch a ride�.Without this means of transport, propagation and ecological processes of these organisms would stop, and this would have an impact on the ocean�s health and prosperity.

 Sea turtles have existed for over a hundred million years, are an animal species that has survived all dramatic changes on earth and has an important role to fulfill, like all major species on the planet. Sea turtles have seen and lived with the dinosaurs. They have been great survivors of what eliminated the dinosaurs. Why have them vanish now, when preserving them seems to be a doable task? It would be a great blow to biodiversity on earth. As with every animal species, protecting it during its whole cycle of life is essential. For turtles, feeding, mating and nesting grounds should be protected from degradation and elimination, and migratory routes should be studied in order to achieve some level of protection there as well.

"My mother and I have been supporting this effort since 2013, convinced that it is a worthy cause and an added value to our beloved country's amazing yet largely unknown natural capital", said Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah, co-sponsor of KTCP. The Kuwait Turtle Conservation Project, launched in June 2008, is today a common effort of Non-governmental organization Biodiversity East, The Kuwaiti Coast Guard and Sheikhas Intisar and Fatima Al-Sabah. Apart from the study of sea turtle populations in Kuwait as well as the state of the marine and coastal areas they appear in, a major campaign of environmental information and education to concerned groups of stakeholders regarding sea turtles in Kuwait will be attempted with as many means as possible.

As we move into May and warmer weather we leave behind a dusty and windy month of April. April saw more people in the water than previous months, the start of an ocean diver course and an evening of horse racing and fund raising.

A large group of members, family and friends spent a week of top diving in Sharm el Sheikh where the diving is hard to beat so close to home.

As well as saying hello to a number of new members joining the club we have had to say a sad farewell to Sharon and Mike, great friends and volunteers of the club.. We of course celebrated their return to the UK with a big mantas/ cycling club farewell party.

Looking forward into May we expect warmer water temperatures and less wind so get your names down for weekend diving and training.. And don't forget Oman, yet another club holiday abroad towards the end of the month.

See you in the water or at the weekly socials, hopefully both..

For Spring break a group of divers from Kuwait Mantas travelled to visit the beautiful coral reefs of Sharm el Sheikh, where they dived with Oonas Dive Centre. In total there were a group of 6 Mantas divers and 2 visiting divers on a weeklong diving trip.

A fantastic mix of reef, drift and wreck diving throughout the week ensued, including the wrecks of the SS Thistlegorm and Dunraven. A first for some, the diving in the Red Sea certainly lived up to its reputation with exceptional visibility and a huge variety of marine life.

As always Oonas Divers were at all times professional and accommodating with a deep understanding and knowledge of the dive sites and the marine life likely to be spotted. It was even a chance for some members to gain depth progression as part of their ongoing training and development.

I�m sure there will be many already planning their next trip to Sharm. A special thanks to Oliver Gardner for planning and organising the trip

Race night

10th April

Another fun and sucessful fund raising event took place, as over 50 members and friends tried their luck at horse racing and karaoke.

Nearly 500kd was raised towards keeping the boat and divers in the water.

A big thank you for all involved in making the night a big success and a lot of fun.

Learn to dive

Ocean diver course

Now in progress

The club has started up another opportunity to learn to dive in Kuwait

Through a combination of theory lessons, pool sessions and open water experience, new starters will be learning your new diving skills progressively and at your own pace. You will develop your skills in the safe confines of a swimming pool or sheltered water before progressing to your first open water dives and your Ocean Diver qualification.

To show an interest in joining a later course or request more details please Contact Us