The "Cylinder Pool"

When the club was re-established after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 it had lost a boat and most of its diving equipment including cylinders. A local contractor donated a compressor but the club could not afford to buy any cylinders and so the "Cylinder Pool" was established.

Our compressor

Individual members bought cylinders and loaned them to the club for use by any other member. In return the club paid for testing and maintenance of the cylinder and that member got unlimited air for diving for a small fixed annual charge - an "air fee". The system continued even after the air fee was abolished.

Over the years the club acquired many of its own cylinders, usually by members leaving Kuwait and donating their cylinder to the club, and it now owns the majority of the 40 or so cylinders in the pool.

Now we are in the happy position of not needing any more tanks. However, we feel that all our members should benefit from being able to use our tanks without paying a daily fee. With this in mind we have established the 'Virtual Tank'. Members can now buy into the tank pool for KWD 30 and have unlimited use of the club tanks for club diving for no extra charge.

You don't get to take a tank away anymore, but you recoup the cost after 8 trips out and have none of the hassle of getting your tank serviced!

Our container and compressor have a new home, but since there is no electricity supply (yet) we cannot fill our own cylinders. Until that is possible, we shall have to continue to pass on the cost of fills at Al-Boom or elsewhere.