Our Instructors

Kuwait Mantas could not provide training were it not for its gallant band of qualified instructors who give their time voluntarily. Unlike some other organisations, such as PADI where instructor training only starts after a diver has reached the highest diving grade, with BSAC one can start training as an instructor from Sports Diver level by attending an "Instructor Foundation Course" although one cannot actually become fully qualified until one is a Dive Leader.

Brian Gilding

Open Water Instructor

Brian started diving many years ago while at university in the UK. Further experience was gained in the waters of the Netherlands, until somehow it was difficult to combine the sport with work and raising a family (of three sons).

A move to Oman in 2001 was accompanied by a resolve to get back into diving, both of which proved to be fantastic experiences. Brian moved to Kuwait in early 2009 to take up a position lecturing mathematics at Kuwait University.

Favourite diving moments: just hovering and watching the spectacle of a profuse underwater life.

Neil Moroney

Open Water Instructor

Neil is one of those gifted few who have managed to progress from zero (no instructor qualification) to hero (Open Water Instructor) in a week. It required two trips to Doha, Qatar, within that time frame, and a lot of hard work. A remarkable performance!

This has made a great difference to training within the club, and the general level of competence has noticeably improved since Neil joined our band of instructors.

Armin Schuessler

Assistant Diving Instructor

Armin is one of our band of dedicated divers who travelled to Dubai to take a course which qualified him as a British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) Assistant Diving Instructor. He is also qualified as a PADI Dive Master.

Armin has been diving for many years, and in the course of time has dived at most of the world's top diving locations.

John Sharp

Assistant Diving Instructor

Having never dived before arriving in Kuwait in 2011, training by Kuwait Mantas Diving Instructors allowed him to attend a course in Doha, Qatar in November 2016. Subsequently he joined our band of instructors.

... and this is the signal for OK

Olena Schuessler

Assistant Diving Instructor

Olena is another of our current BSAC Assistant Diving Instructors who obtained their qualification on an Instructor Foundation Course in Dubai. Olena is further qualified as a PADI Dive Master.

Like Armin, Olena has dived most of the world's top diving locations. This should not be surprising, she accompanied Armin.