Terms and Conditions

There can be no guarantee that you have a place on the dive trip, as indeed there is no guarantee of the trip itself. This depends on the availability of suitably qualified Dive Manager (DM), Boat Handler (Cox), and experienced divers, as appropriate and necessary. These places can only be filled by qualified BSAC divers. Cover is also required for their functions when the DM and Cox are themselves diving. The DM is authorised by the Diving Officer (DO) to have the last word on whether diver and diving requirements can satisfactorily and safely be met, before and during any diving trip. This includes consideration of the weather expected.

The boat will carry a maximum of 10 divers for comfort and safety. At the discretion of the DM this figure may be reduced. Priority for spaces is in the order: diving members, diving guests, non-diving members, non-diving guests; and within each group, by booking sequence. Availability of instructors and other factors, at the DM's discretion, may affect the availability of places for trainees and inexperienced divers. Those on the waiting list will be called, in the priority order, if places become free between Tuesday evening and the evening before the dive. Cancellation of waiting list status required if no longer available. Cancellation of a booking (i.e. NOT on the waiting list) must be made online by noon of the day before the dive to avoid the cancellation fee (boat ride price as appropriate). You may be preventing someone else from joining us. Those on the waiting list will be advised as soon as possible of the lack of space to accommodate them and in any event by the evening before the dive. In the event of any dispute, the (acting) DO's decision is final.

All persons joining the trip accept the authority of the DM and Cox (as delegates of the Diving Officer) and undertake to follow all instructions promptly without discussion for the safety of the boat and its passengers.

Divers and other passengers are responsible for their own protective clothing (heat, cold, wind, rain, spray - as appropriate), water, food, sunblock, and diving equipment except that specifically provided for in the booking form. You are reminded that windchill is significant when wet in a moderate breeze, and severe when moving at speed.

Guests may not dive without having completed and having had approved the medical self-declaration and indemnity forms on the day by the DM. It is also required that they carry proof of qualification on the day for the benefit of the DM in order to be allowed to dive. All requirements apply irrespective of whether or not the DO has seen or discussed the documentation for that occasion, and even if it has been approved on any previous occasion.

Borrowed regulators, BCs, and any other kit (except weightbelts) must be washed thoroughly before return to stock or its owner.

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